It is the most magnificent city one can imagine

It is the most magnificent city one can imagine. It’s beauty glimmers from a distance and the majestic river Hebrus courses through it’s foothills.’ In the II-nd century AD that’s the way Lucian describes Plovdiv
Although its exact age is unknown, it is estimated that the city is one of the oldest in Europe – a contemporary of Troy and even more ancient than Rome, Athens and Constantinople. The facts are indisputable: in 1975, archaeologists discovered the remains of a temple dating back to the Cretan-Mycenaean period.
Today, Plovdiv is an intersection of several civilizations, eras and religions. Remains of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance coexist with modern culture shaping into the beautiful amalgam that is the city of Plovdiv.
The most impressive building of Roman times, surprisingly kept intact over the years, is the amphitheater meant to host 7,000 spectators.